What’s my style?

I HATE that question, because not all music fits into a category. If you MUST box me in, however, just plug me into the Folk genre. Some of my songs sound Country. Some don’t.  Some are Christian, some are secular. I’m still finding myself, okay? (Apparently I move around and hide behind things quite often. Perhaps a trap is in order). Here’s a list of some of my recent songs:

Novelty Songs:

  • Turkey Pepperoni (to the tune of Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues)
  • Hot Flashes (to the tune of Woody Guthrie’s Union Maid)
  • Renaissance Man (to the tune of He’s in the Jailhouse Now)
  • Facebook Goodbye (to the tune of Goodnight Irene)
  • Recalculating (The GPS Song)


  • “Til I Get Over You
  • Tangled Up in Dylan

Hair Metal (no really…. I think it would work!)

  • If Only


  • For Your Glory (get free download here)
  • Infinite Love
  • I Will Worship You
  • Three Sixteen
  • I Call You Savior and You Call Me Friend
  • Psalms of Ascent
  • Psalm 131 Lullabye
  • Pulse
  • My Prayer

You can listen to some of my songs by clicking on the Reverbnation widget at the right. Warning. These were recorded in my back bedroom using a low-quality soundcard on free software. Okay. There. You’re duly warned.


Jackie is a semi-finalist in the Dallas Songwriters Association 2008 Songwriting Contest!

My song, ‘Til I Get Over You, was a semi-finalist in the love song category. I was VERY surprised by this, and it motivates me to keep on writing. Thank you, DSA!


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