About Jackie

jackie_doss_photo_small.jpgJackie Doss is a late bloomer. She dreamed of being a writer, songwriter, and singer from her early youth. You could say she got sidetracked, or you could say she didn’t have the gumption to make things happen. Whatever the case, at 47, she came out of her shell.  

“Joseph of the Old Testament didn’t realize his dream for many years because he wasn’t ready,” says Jackie. “His brothers threw him in a hole to die. He was rescued, only to live as a slave for eleven years. All the while, God was refining him for His Purpose.

I like to think I’ve been going through refinement all these years. Yes. Let’s stick with that explanation. It sounds better than ‘I got cancer and decided I’d better do something fulfilling with the little time I have left.’ While both are true, the latter tends to make people think they’re supposed to say something kind or profoundly spiritual to me . . . and I don’t like putting people on the spot. So consider yourself spot-free.”

She is a singer/songwriter who performs at local coffee houses,  churches, and retreats. She is also available for speaking engagements.

Jackie signed with Incubator Creative Group for artist development in 2012. You can become a member of her ministry family here: Jackie’s Ministry Office (you can also download a free song here!)


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