The Crowd vs The Individual

It’s amazing how much we are geared to “reach the masses.”

“Drive more people to your blog!”
“How to quadruple your reach using social media!”
“Get your song/book published!”
“Learn the right strategy to attract more people to your platform!”

It’s how we view our world… that we must win over the masses; we must influence, entertain, impress… lots and lots of people.

But if we change our vista… if we adjust our paradigm… if we reevaluate our priorities, we’ll probably find that influencing the masses isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Think of all the celebrities on anti-depressants.

What we all long for are deep, satisfying relationships. We can’t get those from a crowd. We can’t even get them IN a crowd! Jesus’ most life-changing miracles were those that happened to ONE person. He walked from town to town to encounter one person at a time.

Why is “notoriety” society’s measurement of success? Is a person a failure if they aren’t “known” by many? And if we gear our message to “the many,” what kind of message will it be? Frankly I don’t want a ministry that “reaches many,” because that’s like having a one-sided conversation. But that’s how performing artists are geared. We get on stage. We perform for audiences. We sell CD’s. We go home. Alone.

That’s why I’m so glad I became a roster artist with Incubator Creative Group. They are helping me focus on “the one” rather than “the masses.”  Relationship. It’s all about relationship.


~ by jackiedoss on September 13, 2014.

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