Physical and Spiritual Auto-Immune Disorders

I was thinking about auto-immune diseases today. They seem to be rampant in our world. Everything from Rheumatoid Arthritis to Lupus to Alopecia. It seems like almost everything is an auto-immune disorder. An auto-immune disorder happens when your body is fighting especially hard against something that doesn’t belong there… like toxins, cancers, bad bacteria, etc., and in fighting so hard, it starts to fight against healthy cells… Your body begins fighting itself.

But that isn’t the nature of the body, is it? The body is perfectly formed to live. Every cell has a purpose, and when the body is properly nourished, it’s an amazing machine! It’s programmed to protect itself, to heal itself. But because of foreign invaders, the body kicks into overdrive like a warrior whose adrenaline won’t stop pumping. It’s like our body morphs from Dr. Bruce Banner to the Incredible Hulk… destructive and out of control.

Now let’s think about that in a spiritual way. We Christians are taught to believe we’re in a battle against the Enemy, and I’m not debating that. I believe such a force exists that is bent on destruction, that even though it is defeated and will never win… it keeps on fighting. But when we focus on the battle instead of focusing on resting in our Creator… that’s when we begin to turn on ourselves.

Maybe you’ve heard that joke about the two baptists on a bridge. One of them is about to jump off, and the other one says “don’t do it!” He asks if he’s a Christian… then what denomination… They whittle it down to about 10 different sects within the denomination. “Northern Conservative or Northern Liberal?” “Me too!”

Then “Great Lakes Region Council of 1879, or Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region Council of 1912?’

‘Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region Council of 1912.’

‘Die, heretic!’ And he pushes him over.

Yep. That’s us. We look for the least thing that is different about us, and attack it. Why? Because we’re dead-set on battle. And I don’t deny that there’s a battle. What I question is the way we go about fighting.

What if… we fight by loving?
What if… we fight by seeing Christ in all people?
What if… we fight by “turning the other cheek”?
What if… we rest and abide in our Creator rather than work ourselves into a frenzy?
What if… we don’t have to prove ourselves to anyone?
What if… we don’t have to even prove ourselves to God?
What if… He loves us already?
What if… He accepts us already?
What if… He already died for us and rose again?
What if… We are in union with him?
What if… We are the New Man, the New Creation…. already… and don’t need to strive to become that? I mean wasn’t that already accomplished for us by One Man? And isn’t it evident that we can’t do it ourselves?
What if… we give up trying?
What if… we give up fighting?
What if… we simply rest in our Passover Sabbath: Jesus Christ?

Every time we feel our hackles go up because someone says something “unbiblical” or “heretical” …. that’s our spiritual immune system going into overdrive. What exactly are we protecting when we feel the need to throw Bible verses at someone? I’ve heard of the Sword of the Spirit…. but honestly, I don’t think that’s how it works!

Every time we think about another person in terms of their beliefs instead of in terms of their humanity… we’re seeing them as a foreign invader, not a part of the body.

I think it would be much easier if we just loved them.


~ by jackiedoss on August 6, 2014.

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