Next Gig, please

Last night I went to St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Arlington to lead music at the request of a friend. What a wonderful group of people who LOVE to sing renewal songs!

In October, I’ll be leading music at a healing conference. Can’t wait!

In November, I’ll be speaking and singing at the Gospel Union Mission’s men’s shelter.

But I want another gig NOW, please. 🙂 A fellow melanoma warrior will be trekking through the metroplex in September on his way back from backpacking in the Tetons and Glacier National Park. I’d like to book a gig in or near Arlington during the time he’s here. If anyone knows a good venue there, please let me know! Other melanoma warriors will be gathering as well, so we’d like to find a comfortable place.

Soon I’ll be recording some of my songs via software on my computer. Wish me luck… that you won’t hear the dogs in the background. I want to upload some tunes to my Facebook page, and maybe even HERE if I figure out how!


~ by jackiedoss on August 20, 2008.

One Response to “Next Gig, please”

  1. Wish I could help – wish I could be there to HEAR YOU!!!

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