Gigs are Fun

Dang, I wish I could just do that every night! I can’t imagine anything more fun than singing. I’m really glad people enjoy listening too. Most of my life I’ve just played and sung for myself, so it’s a bonus that other folks like to hear it too.

The theme for the night was “All You Need is Love” even though I didn’t sing “All You Need is Love” due to a lack of symphony orchestra and back-up singers. But what I wanted to point out in all of the love songs is that …. love songs are kinda scary. If you really listen to the words, you have to wonder about the people who wrote them. I think they’re all potential stalkers.

One of the songs I learned and have been practicing was Diamonds and Rust by Joan Baez. I stretched myself a bit to learn the unusual guitar riff part between verses and practiced pretty hard (but apparently not enough). When it came time to play it in the song, I chickened out. Ugh. Such pressure. Plus, for some reason my fingers weren’t working for the basic hammer part that I had down pat. I kept looking at the guitar neck as if it had suddenly moved the strings just to mess me up. Well, I’m going to keep working on that one, because I sing it pretty well. So I’d like to play it well too.

And what was the last song requested? How Great Thou Art. “No big,” I thought. I just sang it a couple of weeks ago with the worship team at church. The first high note…. oops. Didn’t make it. But I nailed the rest of it…. except for the part when it modulates up a key. I saw it coming and decided against modulating. Note to self: NO MORE LATTE’s BEFORE SINGING!

All in all, it was a really fun night. People seemed to enjoy my original songs, and they were singing along with old favorites. AND I raised $148 for the James A. Schlipmann Melanoma Cancer Foundation. Yay!


~ by jackiedoss on July 19, 2008.

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