Tonight’s Gig: Amazing Love

Most of the people who told me they’d be coming to my gig tonight are Christians who like Christian music, so I decided to put a solid list of Christian songs together. By the time I finished, the list had over 100 songs. And those were just the tunes that I felt confident enough to perform and that lend themselves to “just a woman and her guitar.” If you’re coming for “praise and worship” time, you won’t be disappointed.

But I have friends from an array of world views, and they love me “even if she is a Christian.”   🙂  Of course, the feeling is mutual, so I brushed up my secular repertoire as well. Right now, the list has over 30 songs on it. That number, alone, will get me through an hour and a half of performing, so I don’t think there will be any lack of secular material to draw from!

In fact, I was so inspired by this list of secular songs that I decided to do a theme night: “All You Need is Love.” (um, well, except I won’t be singing “All You Need is Love” because “all you need” for that song is four part harmony, back up singers, and a symphony orchestra… and I am short on those ingredients.

Hmmm. So perhaps I should change the theme to “Addicted to Love,” “Love is a Many Splendoured Thing,”You Made Me Love You”  or …. well, since none of those songs are in the repertoire either, how about “Love Will Keep Us Alive”? Nope… too long for a theme title. Geez, such mental energy required for such a small task. Amazing.


~ by jackiedoss on July 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “Tonight’s Gig: Amazing Love”

  1. How’d it go? I hope it went well. I had imagined myself motorcycling down, but that would be a world record ride for me, and I am just not up to it – don’t know that I ever have been, but boy, how I can imagine… I do hope that your lymphedema didn’t present too much of a problem. I am humored by your puzzled contemplation of love-themed songs – it is overwhelming… My most favorite is the complete version of Jesus Loves Me – I have cherished that song my whole life, and I sang, or should I say, tunefully uttered parts of it to my boy every night at bedtime, along with a couple of others, until he was 12, or so. He survived, and I like to think (imagine ?) we are better for it.

  2. You’ve been so quiet lately, I half expected to see you there. 🙂 didn’t know you had a motorcycle, though. Oh, I recall the motorcycle ride Bernie and I took when we were newly married — from Murfreesboro to Palm Beach Florida on spring break. It was INSANE…. and FREEZING COLD on the way back. I had to stand in a hot shower for about 15 minutes before I could feel my appendages.

    The gig went well, I think. I was very disappointed in my voice quality, however. Suddenly I couldn’t hit the high notes or the low notes. It was really strange. My husband was surprised too. He says he’s never heard me miss notes, even in practice. I think it may have been the latte that I stupidly drank right before performing. I don’t know WHAT I was thinking. Anything with a dairy product in it will mess up the vocal chords. Ah well. Lesson learned!

    But… the folks who came were gracious about it and complimented me anyway. We had lots of fun. It’s really just like I’m sitting in my own den playing for friends, except it’s neater and better decorated, and there are no dogs jumping on people.

    “Jesus Loves Me.” I should have thought of that one. I think I’ll work up a rendition of that, now that you mention it. (My brother always accused me of breaking his record player with that 45.) The song I always sang to Ryan when he was young… and yes, until he was about 12 also . . . was “You Are My Sunshine.” I can hardly sing it anymore without crying. Just very sentimental about that one.

  3. Well, great minds, I guess, as “You Are My Sunshine” was also a Charlieboy favorite, as was “Mary Had A Little Lamb” – I am really quite the vituoso, a capela, no less, and yes, I cry even to think of those precious moments – would I, could I… By the way, that’s the first mention of Pete (right?) that I recall reading in your blog. I am happy for that, for some reason.

    As for the m-cycle – it is the only promise to myself I’ve kept all these years – I got the first one about a month after college, and I’ve had one, or more, since. I still haven’t actually ridden any of them more than a couple of hundred miles in one trip – I think I mostly like the idea of a motorcycle.

    I am pleased that the show went well, and as for the missed notes, I think the theme of the night was itself the answer – all you need is love, it is the perfect remedy for all life’s missed notes and forgotten words – it is the only pillow for a soul , weary of its imperfection. Congratulations on the financial success of the evening!

    More, later. How about the new name? Maybe that will be the new game – name of the week, and don’t forget to mention to anyone who asks, that’s Mr Misfit, if I don’t know you…

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