Union Gospel Mission

I was privileged to speak and sing at the Union Gospel Mission’s Women’s Shelter Friday. I have been wanting to do something like that for a while, but, as has been my modus operandi all of my life… I didn’t know whom to ask . . . and I was afraid to find out. 

I’m one of those people who takes “wait upon the Lord” a little too far. I’m NOT a mover and a shaker. I’m a waiter. God will nudge me about something he wants me to do, and I’ll get excited about it. Then I’ll wait for more nudging. Then I’ll get scared and say . . . “Well, Lord, whenever you send someone to knock on my door and ask me to do it, or tell me exactly what to do without my asking, or take me by the hand and say, ‘You have GOT to do this!’ … I’ll do it.”

Just call me Gideon—”Are you SURE you want me to do that? Are you ABSOLUTELY SURE? Am I hearing you right? Or am I just making something up that I think I want to do and hoping you’ll go along? I’d better wait until I know for SURE that it’s what you want me to do.”

There’s no telling how many opportunites I have squandered by hesitating.

Part of my hesitation stems from my desire to make sure I’m discerning God’s will correctly. And part of it is pure, unadulterated fear — fear of commitment, fear of making a fool of myself, fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear for the sake of fear.

It was a blessed time at the women’s shelter. I was reminded of how far God has brought me . . . and how far he can bring each one of those women who are in the wilderness. I don’t know if God has plans for me to do that kind of thing again, but I certainly enjoyed it. So I guess I’ll wait and see. 🙂



~ by jackiedoss on May 25, 2008.

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