2 Days til NaNoWriMo OH NO!

Just two more days until I embark on the Novel Adventure. Jessi Monroe is waiting patiently somewhere in the folds of my cerebrum (or is it the cerebellum? … and HOW am I supposed to find her if she’s hiding?) She’s very anxious to meet new characters and find out how they can make her life interesting. She only THOUGHT California was full of freaks. Now she’s moving to Texas. Katy, bar the door.


~ by jackiedoss on October 30, 2007.

One Response to “2 Days til NaNoWriMo OH NO!”

  1. The cerebrum is where the heavy duty thinking goes on. The cerebellum is at the back bottom of the brain and is a relay station. It also does the automatic things of the body. Your book and blog are created by the heavy duty area, the cerebrum, or cerebral cortex to be extremely proper.

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