That Was Fun

I enjoy performing my little gigs at coffee houses. It’s usually a bunch of friends who show up… different folks each time. It’s fun to visit with people I haven’t seen a while. Since I’ve always enjoyed playing and singing and have done most of it in my bedroom or livingroom, it’s nice to know that people actually enjoy listening. What better excuse to do something I enjoy?

The Coffee Beanery’s owner, Barbara, says she is turning her coffee house into a Christian coffee house. So it was nice to be able to perform worship/praise songs without worrying about the PC police. Perhaps the people on her customer list come there because of the Christian atmosphere? And the folks who stop in can’t help but see “Jesus Loves You” on the marquis. I’m not sure exactly what her mission statement is, but I assume she simply wants it to be a place where Christians can gather comfortably without fear of persecution, and where the Gospel can be proclaimed to anyone who wants to hear it.

When Barbara told me of her plan to make it a Christian establishment, I couldn’t help but think of the coffee house in China that my church supports. It’s one of those American places that the Chinese like to come to so they can practice their English.  The shop doesn’t hang a Christian banner (because such things would get them thrown out of the country, or worse), and the people who work there, or who come there on short-term mission trips, do not blatantly approach people with the Gospel. But they’re available to anyone who asks about Jesus Christ.

So… anyway, I enjoyed my little gig last night. I think I played longer than I had planned… but I THOUGHT I was quitting early. I could have sworn my watch said 8:45, but it was apparently 9:45. Oh well…. sorry to all of you who were being polite and staying until I finished. I’m a ditz. But you already knew that. 🙂


~ by jackiedoss on October 21, 2007.

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